Monday, February 18, 2008

I Have Been Outflanked

By A Red Mind in a Blue State:
As I posted before, if we are going to insist on burdening our children and grandchildren with more debt, the least we could do is build or repair some roads, or bridges, or help end our dependency on foreign oil by building more refineries or by slapping solar panels on every flat roof in America-- something that will help the next generation.

Anyone receiving this check should know what it is-- a welfare check drawn on our children's checking account.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Congress and Mr. Bush:

We'd prefer a $3 billion infusion to fix our bridges. The "pray your way across" program isn't working as well as it did a couple years ago.

Thanks for your consideration,

Minnesota Citizens

Anonymous said...

Which is why I intend to put the entire amount into my child's college fund (not that it will earn any interest - which I believe is intentional as well)

PGL said...

Red Mind's post, however, strikes me as the usual ramblings from the red meat types in Red States. He may have outflanked you but he is not nearly as eloquent.

A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

pgl---No argument here!(except I'm in a blue, blue State!)