Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Grassroots Leaders Like Me

My latest letter from Tim Morgan began like this:
Dear Friend,

I don't want to believe you've abandoned the Republican Party, but I have to ask . . . Have you given up?

Our records show that we have not yet received your Republican National Committee membership renewal for the critical 2008 presidential election year.

As the Treasurer of the RNC, I know our Party's success depends directly on grassroots leaders like you.

So I am surprised and concerned especially because I know how generously you supported President Bush and the RNC in the past. You helped to advance our vision for America and elect Republicans at all levels of government.

I know other things come up, and perhaps you've just been delayed in renewing your membership. If that's the case, I understand.

But we've not heard from you this year -- and I hope you haven't deserted our Party.

Call me crazy, but I don't think "Have you given up?" is ready to stand toe-to-toe with "Yes We Can" in the general election. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, I didn't desert the Republican Party, ...


Anonymous said...

"You helped to advance our vision for America"

This vision:

Subprime loans for everybody

Three trillion dollar deficit

Loss of the manufacturing economy

Crumbling infrastructure

Could this be why moderate Republicans are giving up?

Jonah B. Gelbach said...


good for you.