Friday, January 04, 2008

Thank You Iowa



Because the Iowa caucuses didn't reinforce the positions of the presumptive nominees (Clinton for the Democrats and any of Romney-Giuliani-McCain for the Republicans), the contest continues and becomes more interesting. I think that's good for the process.


Aamir said...

Nice! for religion played a big role in Huckabee's win. hmm, so now that does not make him a dangerous "religious fundamentalist"??

Tom said...

Starting off by saying that nothing could make me vote for a Republican this year (well, if Dick Cheney were the Democratic nominee...), I still want to comment that Romney has run a simply awful campaign. Rarely has someone spent so much money to viscerally turn off so many so quickly.

The Huckabee thing has as much to do with evangelicals seeing that the Republican party has abandoned conservative principles as it does a "pure religious" vote. His stump speech is all about normal people getting value out of government, and government not doing things that prevent people from living a "moral" life...certainly nothing the current administration is interested in.

Phil said...

If the media were to “embed” reporters in the evangelical congregations across the country, I think they would find a very revealing exposé on the extent of anti-mormon preaching and propaganda that comes from within church walls. I think this practice is at least in part behind the swell of support for Mike Huckabee. I think the votes are not so much a vote for Mike, but a vote against a “cult” as evangelicals view Mormonism. They are very insecure in the truthfulness of their own religions as evidenced by their being terrified of the spread of Mormonism. They are indoctrinated against Mormonism from the pulpit. Which reporter will take this challenge to “embed”? It would be fun and you would hit the mother lode of stories behind the HuckaBoom of the HuckaBigot.