Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Catching up

World Cup celebrations, done wrong. I guess one game doesn't change quite everything.

Huge infrastructure projects, done very wrong. Get Ted Williams's name off that tunnel--it makes no sense to honor the greatest hitter who ever lived with this big strikeout of a money pit.

Budget spin, done wrong. If there is no recession in the forecast, then why isn't the on-budget account in surplus? If not with robust economic growth, then when will the debt be repaid?

Fish, done right. I got a behind-the-scenes tour of this remarkable place.

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Anonymous said...

Tiny nit: the death and falling tunnel ceiling was in the connector leading *to* the Ted Williams tunnel, not the Ted Williams tunnel itself.

And as hideous a money pit as it's been, it's a vast improvement (no comment as to whether it's worth what it cost) over the horrendous means of getting to and from the airport which preceeded it.