Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Marginal Revolution's Open Letter On Immigration

Alex Tabarrok writes an open letter on the economic benefits of immigration and invites economists to sign. I'm happy to do so.

And yet there is nothing in the letter that would prevent me from also saying that of the House, Senate, and White House points of view described here, my policy preference starts with the House bill, strips out the penalties to those in the medical and religious fields who may provide humanitarian services to illegal immigrants, and ups the annual number of legal immigrants allowed into the country.

Recognizing the largely positive economic effects of immigration does not require one to favor open borders, a guest worker program, or amnesty for those currently here without proper documentation--all of which I consider very bad ideas.

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Arun Khanna said...

Immigration policy cannot be made without having borders that are respected by our neighboring states. It's not a question of immigration; it is an question of illegal immigration from predominantly one country versus immigration from various countries.