Thursday, September 22, 2005

On Czars and Viceroys

There is excellent exposition on troubling diction to be found at the blog of frequent commenter Nathan Kaufman. His conclusion:

The U.S. should look to words and ideas from U.S. history as guides. The U.S. should not borrow ideas from fallen societies or less-than-ideal situations. I don't know about you... but I want to live in a country with governors, mayors, presidents, elected representatives, competition, freedom and opportunity. A country with "czars" and "viceroys" is not appealing to me.
Read the whole thing.

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Bibamus said...

Let me add the term "homeland", as in, the Department of Homeland Security, to the list. For reasons that I assume are obvious, the term seems vaguely un-American.

dearieme said...

"czars" have been introduced into the UK by Mr Blair: the people appointed have proved ineffective but costly. Good word for them, then?