Wednesday, October 27, 2004

They Spill More than We Make

On the occasion of SiteMeter telling me that Vox Baby has received its 10,000th hit, I thought I would share the following story.

In the spring of 1993, while visiting San Francisco, I joined a group of friends in a trip up to Napa Valley. I think it was the first trip to wine country for each of us, and so we started by just stopping at one of the first wineries on our route. It was a great little place, called De Moor Winery, and the couple who owned it spent a lot of time teaching us about the different types of wine they made and offering us some of it to taste. I remember really liking a dessert wine and buying some for later. As we were about to leave and head out to some other wineries, a friend of mine asked, "So, how do you compare to Mondavi [the enormous winery just up the highway]?" Without missing a beat, the owner replied, "They spill more than we make."
After about four weeks of blogging, I can say that my respect for the masters of the craft has grown considerably. More people will probably visit the most popular blogs by accident in a day than will visit Vox Baby on purpose in a month, but I have enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to the new medium in whatever capacity I can. I thank everyone who has visited, read, linked, or commented over the last month. I look forward to many more posts and discussions.

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sherlock said...

I have to say, I am quite impressed. 10,000 hits? I wish I knew how you did it.

The key, I am sure, is good writing (clearly not an area of concern for you). But how you get so many visitors is beyond me; I have been keeping track of my hits since early-mid October and have had just over 500 unique viewers. 10,000 to me is astronomical. I suppose it is all about perspective, eh?

I do agree about the big dogs of the blogosphere; it's baffling how they are so consistently excellent.