Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Someone Has To Make War

Click through and read to the end of this article in The New York Times to learn who spoke the title of this post.  The battle lines are being drawn in the emerging race to succeed New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  And one of the biggest issues will be whether the educational reforms started under his leadership will continue. 

I am wired to be hypersensitive to the excesses of teachers' unions.  Michael Mulgrew, president of the city's teachers' union, does himself no favors in my opinion with this remark:
“If these 1-percenters want to mount an AstroTurf campaign with their deep pockets, they’ve done this before,” he said. “But let’s be clear: the public school parents have not bought into the Bloomberg education reform movement.” 
I would much prefer that teacher unions, along with everyone else engaged in public education, stay focused on improving educational outcomes, not merely the outcomes for educators.

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Anonymous said...

It's the money.

A ginormous amount of money is spent on education. Private companies are looking for new ways to expand their reach into the public wallet. They conduct expensive lobbying and public relations campaigns to position where they can skim a percentage off the education spending and provide no value or negative value. They have business models that enrich the CEOs by underpaying the staff. They are simply parasites.

Mandatory testing already puts billions of public tax dollars into the pockets of billionaire CEOs who get mutli-million dollar bonuses.

Privatization is not about improving education, it is about making money. To be sure, some private education institutions exist that closely guard their reputation for quality education. Too often, that reputation is skewed by recruiting. Institutions that can out recruit their competitors will get better outcomes, regardless of the quality of the institution.

Privatization will produce a more expensive education system that is less accountable to parents and simply in it for the money. For profit colleges are already a blight on the education landscape.

-jonny bakho